Payment FAQ

How do you see your earnings for a completed gig?

Once you complete your shift, your time cards will update in your “Completed Jobs” section of the app.

Your final pay based off your hours you reported will calculate and generate then.


When will I get paid?

The app runs a cycle of Monday to Sunday. After the final day of the week on Sunday, the employer of the gig has 24 hours to make any disputes to the hours you had confirmed in the app.

Therefore on/after the Wednesday your payment will be sent to you usually between 8-10pm.

If there is a dispute, a member from SPOT will be in touch with you.

What if I am missing my pay?

We ask that you wait up to48 hours from Wednesday 10pm. If after that you are still missing pay, please fill out this form and a member of SPOT will look into it and get back to you: