Access 105,400+ skilled & vetted workers in Dallas, TX

Choose from thousands of pre-vetted and skilled workers for on-demand, temporary and temp-to-hire positions in the Dallas and Fortworth area. 


Build your agile workforce with local Dallas talent that’s ready to work. 


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105K +

Dallas Workers

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Map represents the current number of workers on the Spotwork platform based on location. 

Choose the right workers in Dallas for light industrial & hospitality roles.

Utilize our all-in-one dashboard.  

Find, hire, train, manage and pay staff in one place.   
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Staff location tracking
  • Real time data and metrics

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Spotwork workers insured in Dallas, TX?

All Spotwork workers will be covered by Occupational Accident Insurance across the state of Texas while working an active shift up to $1,000,000. For more information see Legal.

How much does Spotwork cost?

Only pay when you use us! There are no buyout, subsciption, or hidden fees. You simply pay the hourly wage of the worker with a fixed markup fee. 

How does Spotwork guarantee reliability in its workers?

The Spotwork platform uses its built-in SpotCheck AI® system, along with our in-house professionals to vet, background check and ensure the most reliable workers show up to each shift. 


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