“GoBolt was able to save $915,000 on hiring fees & balance worker composition in less than 12 months with Spotwork.”


GoBolt, a dynamic and rapidly growing company in the logistics industry, faced significant challenges in managing its on-demand workforce, controlling recruitment costs, and balancing its workforce composition between contingent labor and full-time employees.

To address these issues, the company looked to Spotwork, a modern hiring tool that empowers teams’ to find the right people, at the right time. Since using Spotwork, GoBolt has transformed their hiring processes, has seen substantial cost savings, and shifted the workforce composition from 65% contingent labor and 35% full-time employees to a more balanced 40% and 60%!

The Challenge  

GoBolt confronted several critical challenges:


    • Escalating Recruitment Costs: Traditional recruitment methods were increasingly expensive, with high agency fees and conversion costs when hiring external talent. And while fees were high, the quality of workers was inconsistent.
    • Imbalanced Workforce Composition: The company had an imbalanced workforce composition with 65% contingent labor and 35% full-time employees, posing challenges in terms of workforce stability and efficiency. Since GoBolt’s demand for labor has been non-linear, the breakdown in the workforce composition was also a massive cost burden.

The Solution 

To address these challenges, GoBolt adopted Spotwork, a revolutionary hiring tool that provided a cost-effective and efficient solution for hiring needs, while also aiming to balance the makeup of GoBolt’s incoming workers.

Measurable Outcomes 

No Cost Conversion to Full-Time Employee

With the implementation of Spotwork, GoBolt achieved a remarkable feat: all candidates recruited through the platform seamlessly transitioned into employees with no conversion costs, addressing a significant financial concern.

$915K Saved in Hiring Fees

Spotwork’s efficient and transparent hiring process allowed GoBolt to save an astounding $915,000 in recruitment agency fees, which was redirected for strategic other strategic investments. These savings were seen in under 1 year!

Balanced Workforce Composition

Utilizing Spotwork’s capabilities, GoBolt successfully shifted the workforce composition from 65% contingent labor and 35% full-time employees to a more balanced and efficient 40% and 60%, improving workforce stability.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Spotwork’s platform streamlined the entire recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire and enhancing the candidate experience, further contributing to cost savings and efficiency.

Spotwork’s Role 

Spotwork played a pivotal role in achieving these measurable outcomes:


    • Cost Efficient Hiring: Spotwork’s platform enabled GoBolt to find qualified candidates at a lower cost
      compared to traditional recruitment methods. Not only that, but the candidates themselves were consistently more qualified and eager to work in the roles compared to other solutions.
    • Streamlined Process: The tool streamlined the entire recruitment process, from job posting to onboarding, reducing time-to-hire and enhancing the candidate experience. This helped reduce churn, improving productivity for the entire organization.
    • Transparent & Data Driven: Spotwork provided valuable data and insights, enabling GoBolt to make
      informed hiring decisions and optimize their workforce planning, contributing to the shift in workforce composition.


Spotwork proved to be a game-changing solution for GoBolt, revolutionizing their hiring processes, leading to substantial cost savings, and balancing their workforce composition. The company’s ability to transition candidates into employees with no conversion costs, achieve significant savings in recruitment fees, and achieve a more balanced workforce composition underscores the effectiveness of the Spotwork platform and team.


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