“Lineage Logistics was able to reduce churn rates by
60% and reallocate two full-time employees using Spotwork.”


Lineage is a leading company in the supply chain sector, and has been facing challenges in its hiring and employee retention processes. High churn rates and a lack of workforce stability were negatively impacting the company’s productivity, and the team was struggling to keep up with their daily duties.

In response, Lineage embarked on a strategic initiative to revamp its hiring strategy for on-demand workers and optimize its workforce, resulting in significant measurable outcomes. However, they knew they needed a partner to support these challenges & provide the support needed.

The Challenge  

Lineage faced several pressing challenges:


    • High Churn Rates: The company was plagued by persistently high employee turnover rates, which hampered its ability to maintain a stable and efficient workforce. Not having similar or repeated faces in the door was creating a lot of friction between the floor teams and the HR teams
    • Lengthy Recruitment Process: The hiring process was often slow and cumbersome, leading to
      extended job vacancies and reduced productivity. This caused a delay in project completion, pick
      schedules, and therefore negatively impacted the company’s bottom line.
    • Stretched Internal Team: The hiring team was large, and had a ton of important daily tasks to complete.
      With hiring being such a time-consuming process, Lineage struggled with employee burnout and,
      therefore, many natural human errors.

The Solution 

In response to these challenges, Lineage decided to implement Spotwork, a cutting-edge hiring tool that
offers a streamlined approach to finding qualified workers quickly and efficiently, coupled with a
dedicated in-house team to offer 24/7 support.

Measurable Outcomes 

Two Full-Time Recruiters Repurposed

With Spotwork’s streamlined hiring & onboarding capabilities, the need for two full-time recruiters was eliminated. These recruiters were redeployed to other areas of the HR department, contributing to a cost-
effective and efficient workforce management strategy.


60% Reduction in Churn Rates Across Locations

Spotwork’s ability to match the right candidates with job openings more effectively and provide a streamlined onboarding process significantly reduced employee churn rates by 60%. This improvement fostered a more stable and experienced workforce. Not only that, but floor teams were pleased with the consistency of the workers coming through the doors.

120% Increase in Output Across Locations

The streamlined hiring processes and reduced turnover rates had a direct impact on productivity. With a more skilled and stable workforce in place, Lineage achieved its highest productivity levels on record. With a 1% churn decrease resulting in 2% increase in overall productivity, Lineage has seen productivity outputs improve by almost 120%. They were able to mitigate last-minute shift problems, and reduced overall downtime.

Spotwork’s Role 

Spotwork played a pivotal role in achieving these measurable outcomes:


    • Efficient Candidate Matching: Spotwork’s advanced algorithms and database of vetted and qualified
      workers allowed Lineage to find the right candidates for open positions, at the right time.
    • Reduced Time-To-Hire: The platforms user-friendly interface and automation features streamlined the
      hiring process, reducing the time it took to fill vacant positions. Teams who were responsible for
      posting and managing multiple job boards were able to take back a ton of time in their day.
    • Enhanced OnBoarding: Spotwork facilitated smoother onboarding for new hires, ensuring they were
      job-ready and productive from day one. Whether a specific certification is required or there’s a dress
      code, Spotwork helps remove any burden for teams needing to communicate any requirements –
      whether it’s a necessary document, or a piece of safety equipment, rest assured the workers have full
      visibility and will always come prepared.


Spotwork proved to be a game-changer for Lineage by addressing their hiring needs and challenges
head-on. The adoption of Spotwork not only optimized the company’s recruitment processes but also contributed to financial savings and increased operational efficiency. From the repurposing of two full-
time recruiters, to the significant reduction in churn rates, Spotwork has been able to impact this business for the better (in less than 12 months!)


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