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Create a flexible workforce. Scale up and down your operations using agile management software that gives you access to thousands of reliable and vetted workers near you. 

Find Best-in-Class Workers  

Reliable & ready to work

Access thousands of pre-vetted and reliable workers with a few clicks.  Whether your company needs short-term, long-term, or permanent workers, Spotwork has you covered.   

Workers available across multiple industries

Hospitality & Events 

Spotwork offers the needed flexibility to scale up and down event and hospitality staff. Access thousands of qualified workers at your fingertips for seasonal, long-term or permanent roles. 

  • NServers & Bartenders
  • NCashiers & Customer Service Professionals
  • NGeneral Labour

Light Industrial 

Maximize your facility’s productivity with Spotwork’s agile staffing solution that specializes in light industrial industries.  

  • N3PL & Warehousing
  • NLogistics & Transportation
  • NProduction & Manufacturing

Manage your workforce within one dashboard 

Post open roles & send offers 

Maximize your facility’s productivity with Spotwork’s agile staffing solution that specializes in light industrial industries.

Monitor Shifts

Track shift progress across multiple facilities with geo tracking. 


Automated Timesheets

Automatically approve hours with one click. Accurate shift data seamlessly integrated. 

Communicate with Workers

Message workers instantly using Spotwork’s all-in-one dashboard. Stay on top of communication across facilities.

24/7 Support 

Our team of industry experts are around to support your businesses needs 24/7 by email, text or phone call. Every business, big or small, receives Spotwork’s White Glove Service

  • NReceive assistance by phone, email or text
  • NReal people + technology
  • NTechnical & staffing support

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Spotwork workers insured?

In the United States, all Spotwork workers will be covered by Occupational Accident Insurance while working an active shift up to $1,000,000. For more information see Legal. 

In Canada, all workers on the Spotwork platform are covered by WSIB. 

How much does Spotwork cost?

Only pay when you use us! There are no buyout, subsciption, or hidden fees. You simply pay the hourly wage of the worker with a fixed markup fee. 

How does Spotwork guarantee reliability in its workers?

The Spotwork platform uses its built-in SpotCheck AI® system, along with our in-house professionals to vet, background check and ensure the most reliable workers show up to each shift. 

Ready to fill shifts?


See how Spotwork’s all-in-one staffing and shift management solution can transform the way your company hires. 

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